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MULTI PERFECT - Product description

Trying to meet the expectations of demanding customers and getting the inspiration from the world markets and contemporary scientific achievements in the field of nutrition, we went the step further creating the most complex product on the domestic and European market. So far the eggs were enriched with one or two important components. We increased to significant levels as many as eight components, which have a great influence on human health and the prevention of diseases. From the idea to the final production many years passed for several reasons. Obtaining appropriate high levels in relevant proportions was proceeded by the number of researches, many of which were carried out in laboratories accredited abroad. Enriching eggs through relevant feeding of hens in other types of breeding, for example in barn production system, did not provide satisfying results, because the possibility for hens to move, availability of feed in different places and the possibility of selection of feed caused that particular levels of desired substances were once higher and once lower. The most stable levels were obtained by cage breeding system.


Omega -3 – EPA+DHA fatty acids, energetic and building material for cells, positively influencing the blood circulation system: it supports the heart, prevents arrhythmia, lowers the blood pressure, decreases blood viscosity, it also has anti-inflammatory properties, it improves concentration and the functioning of immune system.

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Vitamin E – soluble in fats, it is a strong antioxidant, it eliminates free radicals, one molecule can secure even 200 unsaturated molecules of fatty acid in the body. Thanks to this it is used as a natural preservative protecting the fat against oxidation.

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Vitamin A – soluble in fats, serves as a watchman, standing at the gate of our organism, because it is involved in practically all of the important functions of our organism.

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Vitamin D3 – participates in regulation of calcium and phosphorus metabolism and the formation of bones, it is necessary for correct formation of skeletal system, it prevents osteoporosis, indirectly influences also the nervous system and the muscular cramps, including the cramps of cardiac muscle,

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Vitamin B9 - fulfils an important function in the process of creating red blood cells (together with vitamin B12), participates in processes of myelination (formation of myelin sheathes) of neurones. Deficiency causes disturbance of foetal development, anaemia, difficulty in sleeping, weak growth, digestive problems, behavioural disturbances and other problems.

Selenium – is an invaluable micronutrient, it slows down the aging process of tissues, neutralizes and removes from the organism different toxic substances (it deactivates the aflatoxin, which mycotoxins have the cancer-causing properties), heavy metals and compounds released during infections, stresses and injuries.

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Iodine – Poland belongs to the countries where there are deficiencies of iodine. The iodised salt is more and more often substituted by other spices and the deficiency of iodine can cause horrible devastation in our organism.

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Lutein – antioxidant, concentrates in the macula lutea of the eye, protecting it against the free radicals and high-energetic blue light ( UV light) acting as a natural filter. It protects the mucous membrane of the eye against drying, it protects it also against infections.

We deliberately present the information about basic vitamins and micronutrients in order to pay attention to their significance in nutrition and how their functioning is related as well as to pay attention to the fact that it is not easy to deliver them to the organism, because of their limited sources. Unfortunately, it is not possible to enrich the egg with everything that is important, for example vitamins soluble in water do not accumulate in the egg, but they are more available in everyday diet. The vitamins which levels are increased in the egg constitute a dietetic problem and quite often require supplementation. So instead of buying tablets and capsules we can deliver them to the organism in natural products, often in the form of substance which are absorbed by the organism more easily. During the preparations of our egg production, we were intensively looking for materials, standards, recommendations and we regret to say that the increase of awareness, progress in science are not accompanied by the researches of food. We work based on the researches carried out several or several dozen years ago, when the soil and the food were a little bit different. The technological progress caused the impoverishment of the food in vitamins and mineral components, but not only. We do not know whether the contemporary human being having the up-to-date knowledge delivers to the organism everything that is needed, because of several reasons:

Average human being does not know, what treatments are used in the industrial production of food in order to meet the market expectations. That is why, healthy vegetable fat is subjected to hydrogenation process, which is going to lengthen the expiry date and improve the oiliness. In this way we obtain transisomer from unsaturated fat. And what happens next. Its structure and properties are changed. It is not present in nature in such kind of a form, so our organism does not recognize it and uses it in the wrong way for example: in the case of deficiency of DHA, which is necessary for nervous synapse formation, the organism will replace it with transisomer, the synapses will be formed, but their formation will take longer and they will not be functioning correctly, and as a result the child may have problems with learning, memory or behaviour /ADHD/. It is only the one of many examples, which make us aware of "healthy" nutrition.

We do not want to attack the food producers, because it is not the point. We only want to show that the contemporary human being have to nourish worthy of the 21st century. The nourishment must be more well-though-out. Buying something cheap does not necessarily mean that we buy a good quality, and the saved money in further perspective we will leave at the doctor’s and in the chemist (is it a good investment?). We are what we eat and this is how we feel. We eat „junk” and we feel „junk”. More and more people is talking about new, healthy model of nourishment, but unfortunately globally it is that we have more and more diseases of civilization character, that is why alarming reports of World Health Organization (WHO) are appearing more often.

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