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MULTI PERFECT - Functional food

Definition according to FUFOSE 1999r– the food can be recognized as functional, if it was proven that is has a positive influence on one or more functions of an organism in addition to the nutritional effect, which influence is connected with the improvement of health, physical and mental state and/or the decrease of diseases risk. This food must resemble the form of conventional food and present positive effect in the quantities, which are expected to be normally eaten in the diet.

In the literature special properties of this kind of food are emphasized:

The higher quality of functional food in comparison with the traditional one results from the presence in its composition of the health-oriented preparations and their optimal proportion. Our eggs thanks to using the synergistic effect of different compounds, vitamins, micronutrients and polyunsaturated fatty acids fulfill the conditions, that should be fulfilled by functional food. The egg itself is an excellent food product. We “improved” it additionally worthy of contemporary science. The enrichment of the egg is a safe process, because we cannot remove anything, and the value added is obtained in indirect way with the use of appropriate feeding of hens. It is beneficial because it is safe – the hen could react first, moreover the substances which pass and accumulate in the egg are naturally processed, often into substances which are more easily absorbed by the organism.